Q & A

Q1 : Are we really allowed to bring small children to the worship service or to small groups?  We have very active children!

A1 : Please do not worry! We welcome parents with small children to all our meetings.  There are many children- -both small and large- -in our church and each and every one of them is a valuable member.  Yes, we do welcome active children! 

Q2 : I would like to attend a church service but I don't understand Japanese.

A2 : We are a very international group and our service are held in both Japanese and German. We also have many English speakers in our church.  Please feel free to join us!

Q3 : Although I want to at least try going to church, I have never done so before and have no idea what to do.  What will happen?

A3 : Please do not worry about attending church for the first time.  There is a first time for everyone! There will be people to show you what to do and nothing will be done against your will.  You will also be given a program of the day's events, so that you will know what will happen. 

Q4 : I have heard that people have to give money at church.  Is this true?

A4 : Our church does not receive money from the Swiss government and relies entirely on donations from its members.  However, all donations are voluntary and you will never be forced to give money.


Q5 : I have heard that there is a celebration after the service where Japanese and other foods will be served.  Do I have to be a member to attend?  Do I have to bring my own food?


A5 : Please do not worry and feel free to join our feast.  There is usually more than enough food for everyone and everyone is warmly welcomed, especially first-time visitors!  You do not have to bring your own food for the first visit, but at successive visits we ask that you bring something and join us in the celebration.    Many of the dishes are Japanese delicacies and are quite tasty!


Q6:  We heard that there is Sunday school for younger children, but what about our teenagers?  Our kids tell us that they are not interested in staying in the church during the sermon, because it is too long.   Should we just leave them at home? 


A6: Please feel free to bring all your children, including teenagers!   During the sermons, our teenagers get together with a trained adult leader and will have discussions as well as fun events.  We try to make the church visit a fulfilling event for everyone – no matter how young or old.